The Compliance Women Committee (“CWC”) was born from a casual phone call in which we discussed the need for women active in the compliance sector to come together as a group to pursue certain common goals, such as professional development, empowerment, capacity building and support for women seeking to take on leadership positions, including Board and C-Suite roles.

It was then that, in September 2017, our dream came true and, with only 11 members, we launched CWC in Brazil. Since then, our group has grown to comprise more than 700 female compliance professionals in and outside Brazil. Our members work in compliance for both the public and private sectors, including public bodies, law firms, consultancies, small businesses, associations, and multinational organisations.

CWC has a committee in Brazil responsible for strategic matters known as the Strategic Group. The Strategic Group members represent different regional coordination centres both in and outside Brazil. They are: Liana Cunha Crespo, Layla Guillen, Renata Andrade, Daniele Pescadinha, Claudia Valente, and Lourdes Braucks. They have kindly volunteered their time  to assist with the group’s growth on a daily basis

As the CWC ambassadors, we have the renowned compliance professionals, Isabel Franco and Rogéria Gieremek, who, in January 2018, were invited to take on this role because of their reputation, integrity and ethical approach in the field of compliance. They have a fundamental role in the group in that their personal and professional experiences allow them to act as mentors and give us invaluable advice, as well as help us coordinate and resolve ethical issues.

The Ethics Committee is composed of our ambassadors and Brazilian CWC member Liana Cunha Crespo. They are responsible for dealing with ethical breaches and conflicts of interest.

Our operations across 11 Brazilian states and the Federal District are headed by several regional leaders, namely Roberta Foppel (BA), Gisele Reis (BSB), Vania Vieira (BSB), Flávia Marchezini (ES), Lorraine Lameri (ES), Karine Eslar (GO), Marianne Rabelo Carvalho (GO), Vivian Andrade (MG), Aline Faria S. Rabelo De Azevedo(MG), Luciana Serafim (MT), Keila Cunha (MT), Amanda Ramalho (PA), Sandy Senna (PA), Francine Pacheco (PR), Daniele Pescadinha (RJ), Lourdes Braucks (RS), Carola Biz de Lagos (RS), Naiara Augusto (SC), Fernanda Schram (SC), Natália Brandão (CE), Cintia Muniz (CE), in addition to us founders currently coordinating São Paulo, that with their local expertise helps us adapt our overall goals to the local characteristics of each Brazilian region.

Outside Brazil we have CWC International which is a sister network to CWC, with headquarters in London. CWC International consists of professionals from several countries (US, EMEA, APAC and UK) and is focused on activities that all CWC members, regardless location, can benefit from.

Under CWC International umbrella, we have regional chapters in the UK, Portugal and Germany, and soon  a chapter in the USA, based in New York. In addition, we have already started our growth in Latin America by setting up a Strategic Committee (CWC Latin America) coordinated by Liana Cunha Crespo, Karine Eslar and Roberta Gieremek.

The opening of Chapters in various continents is of major importance since it allows us to have greater ambitions and expand our objectives on a global scale.

It is important to note that we have the support of many men who encourage their female counterparts to support and take part in the group’s mission.

We also count on the support of several institutions, associations and companies, which, through partnerships and events, contribute immensely to the dissemination of our principles and objectives.

We are very grateful to all the women who contribute to the organisation and coordination of CWC and to all our members, who believe in this project and see it as a reflection of their own principles and values. We will work tirelessly so that CWC can continue to grow steadily and organically, promoting ethics and integrity and the empowerment and promotion of women’s rights in society.

Best wishes,

Anne Caroline and Juliana